Rent to Own Homes near Bella Vista, AR

  • A city first established as a summer resort town that has now evolved into more of a retirement community, Bella Vista has grown tremendously over the years. With a 60% growth in population between 2000 and 2010, iT's no surprise why the city appeals to people. With a rich natural environment allowing for lots of outdoor activities, and lots of ways to stay entertained with a golf course and several lakes for fishing, there is no shortage of things you can do.

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Top 6 Reasons to Live in Bella Vista

  • Connect with nature! Nature fans will feel right at home in Bella Vista. With lakes such as Lake Ann and Lake Brittany and even creeks such as Tanyard Creek, there's no shortage of nature sights for you to see. To sweeten the deal, thanks to the Bella Vista climate, you can go kayaking or swimming in one of the seven lakes.
  • Great for your bank account! With per capita income in Bella Vista being higher than the rest of the state, residents enjoy both higher paychecks and lower price tags for some rent to own houses. Bella Vista is the place to be for homeowners looking to get property without breaking the bank. In addition, the places nearby such as Duffers Cafe and Gusanos Pizza make it great for those looking for places to go.
  • Lots of places to eat! Bella Vista excels when it comes to restaurants that offer varied kinds of food while still being affordable and offering quality. With Mexican food over at El Pueblito or authentic Chinese food over at Top China, there's no shortage of great food places to eat at.
  • A thriving nightlife! Bella Vista isn't just for daytime events, as there are many options for those that also crave the night life. With great bars and clubs, like JJ's Grill, where you can enjoy a beer, or the Legends Bar and Grill, you can be sure that you'll be enjoying yourself in Bella Vista.
  • For the budding art fan! Bella Vista's art scene thrives, thanks to both the Crystal Bridges Museum, which offers architecture that you can only see there, and the Sugar Creek 10 Cinema, which caters to those who want to watch the latest films.
  • Great for play! When you need a break from the stresses of life, you can visit the Bella Vista Village Country Club to play a game of golf, or go hiking and see the sights over at the Tanyard Creek Nature Trail.
  • Houses that are affordable. If there was any benefit of the housing crisis, it's the low-cost homes that are now available on the market. With a median home price less than the national median, Bella Vista homes are great for anyone looking to get a place in a nice community around points of interest such as Tanyard Creek and the Cooper Mildred B Memorial Chapel.