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  • If you plan to move to this beautiful city, be prepared to pay California home prices. The average cost of a home for sale in Santa Clarita is $370,000. The average listing is close to $650,000. There are approximately 62,000 homes and 71% of those are owned by residents; 29% of the homes are rented. If you are interested in a rent to own home, it will cost you close to $1,500 per month, and this is for a one- or two-bedroom. Many people see these high prices and wonder why anyone would want to move to California and pay these exuberant prices. But California, in particular Southern California, has much to offer - warm weather year-around, a beautiful ocean, spectacular mountains, nice homes, and many attractions and activities. So if Santa Clarita has caught your heart, go for it.

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  • Outdoor ActivitiesLiving in Southern California affords residents plenty of outdoor activities to fill the many sunny days. A trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain is one fun activity which can last all day. There are plenty of shops and restaurants to take in. If you love the mountains, you can go hiking or walking along the foothills. If you want to take a swim in the ocean, it's a short drive to the beach. Since the city is located in the mountains you can even do some skiing in the winter time when the snow accumulates. You can do some hiking or kayaking at Castaic Lake.
  • NightlifeBelieve it or not, there actually is nightlife in quiet Santa Clarita. Spend the evening at one of the city's many bars and nightclubs, or enjoy some live music or a comedy show. Meet up with some friends for a night of karaoke fun or for a relaxing dinner at one of the local restaurants. Not enough excitement? Just head to downtown Los Angeles which is about 30 minutes away.
  • NeighborhoodsHere are some neighborhoods in Santa Clarita you should know about: