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  • The eighth largest city in California, Torrance boasts more than a mile of sunny beaches in the South Bay area near Los Angeles. Formerly part of the Tongva Native American lands, this city features quiet, tree-lined residential streets and warm, sea breezes along with 30 city parks and a low crime rate. Torrance isn't all easy-living spaces, however, as it also boasts thriving high-tech businesses and landmarks such as the Southern Pacific Railroad Bridge, the historic Hollywood Riviera Beach Club and Los Arboles "Rocketship" Park, which is known for its huge, steel playground rocket ship, as well as other attractions.

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  • Housing Statistics Median home prices in Torrance are just over $550,000, with an average listing price of nearly $600,000. On average, purchasing a four-bedroom home costs about $400,000 more than a two bedroom. The average sale price of a two bedroom was $388,000 in August 2013 while four bedrooms went for an average of $768,000. Apartment rental rates range from about $1,200 to $3,000, depending on the number of bedrooms and the season in which your lease begins. About 41% of the residents in Torrance are renters, and the area has a house and apartment vacancy rate of about four percent.
  • Weather and Climate Want to avoid temperature extremes? Torrance is the place for you. The city's climate remains moderate throughout the year, with sea breezes that make even the sweltering heat of July and August far more tolerable. In fact, July highs average about 78 degrees compared to 86 degrees throughout the United States. You won't freeze all winter either, as the average low in January is 44 degrees, almost 25 degrees higher than the rest of the country. Don't expect to see snow in this Southern California city, and rainfall counts are low, too. Torrance gets about 14 inches of rain in a year while the rest of the country gets soaked with an average of over a yard of rainfall. Residents need their sunglasses, as the city gets almost 280 days of sun each year. Don't forget the sunscreen as you relax on the city's 1.5 miles of pristine beaches. The area has a higher exposure to ultraviolet rays than the rest of the nation.
  • Local Shopping Torrance offers plenty of options to tickle your shopping fancy. Alpine Village features more than 20 specialty stores for your shopping delight as well as an open-air market and a selection of restaurants, many of which offer live entertainment. Open every day of the week, this shopper's haven is affectionately referred to as The Little City From the Alps. If you want more shopping variety, the Del Amo Shopping center offers it for you, featuring 350 shops and eateries. Then there's the Downtown Historic Shopping District, which offers the opportunity to shop in historic buildings. Offerings include antiques, photography supplies, clothing, gifts, and collectibles. After you work up an appetite, head over to the local bakery or restaurant and brewery. The Farmer's Market offers fresh California produce while Torrance Crossroads hosts another 40 stores, including some big name chains.
  • Neighborhood Guide Downtown: This neighborhood is the picture of urban living. It's diverse and highly walkable but features a high price tag. If you're looking for rental homes here, be prepared to find median sale prices of over $600,000. You'll find mostly single-family homes here, but the area is peppered with apartment complexes and high-rises, as well. Cosmodyne Airport and Katy Geissert Civic Center Library are in this area.