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  • Jacksonville has the largest population of any city in Florida, and spans the largest area of any city within the continental United States. The city is an important civilian and military port, comprising two large naval bases and the Port of Jacksonville, the third biggest port in Florida. It is also a popular tourist center and attracts people from all over the world, with golf being one of the major attractions of the area.

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  • Housing StatisticsJacksonville is a fairly large city, with a population of about 1.35 million people. Housing in the area sells at an average price of roughly $240,000 across all property types, with median sales at $120,000. Median prices for properties by number of bedrooms are: four bedrooms -- $180,000, three bedrooms -- $100,000, two bedrooms -- $70,000, and one bedroom -- $50,000. Average rental prices for one- and two-bedroom apartments range from $700 to $870. These figures fit in with the average income levels for households in the city, which stand at roughly $45,000 per household and $25,000 per capita.
  • Tourist AttractionsThere is a host of things to enjoy in Jacksonville, from visiting the museums to exploring the historic neighborhoods or simply relaxing on one of the city's three beaches. These public beaches span about 20 miles along the Atlantic coast. Jacksonville Beach, in particular, is famous for its 1,000 foot long fishing pier. The Riverside District is one of the most well preserved historic districts in the U.S. and has over 5,000 historic buildings to admire. In the same area, you'll find a weekly art market and Five Points, known for its interesting art, culture, and shopping. For those who enjoy science and history, the Museum of Science and History has a range of great exhibitions that are perfect for adults and kids alike, while Friendship Fountain, the scene of many first kisses and once the largest fountain in the world, is a great place to sit back and relax. If you're into your art, you'll also enjoy the Downtown Art Walk, a journey featuring over 30 galleries, live music, local art work, with food and drink along the way. All of these attractions, and many more, await visitors to Jacksonville.
  • NightlifeJacksonville is home to many of nightlife hotspots, from the Downtown area to the bars along the beach. In the heart of the city in Downtown Jacksonville, there are super-cool cocktail bars, hip wine bars, and banging dance clubs all right next to each other. The Riverside has the fastest burgeoning nightlife in the city, with bars like Kickback's, The Loft, and European Street forming the core of the drinking venues in the area. Down at the beach you'll have a range of options as well. You can sip a drink with a beautiful view of the ocean at Lemon Bar, or enjoy a spot of fine dining at Azurea Restaurant. For something more active, the Penthouse Lounge provides sweeping views over the coast, while Freebird Live offers you the chance to hear some national artists performing live. And that's to say nothing of the great bars and restaurants down at the Riverside Brewery District. So, wherever you happen to be in the city, you'll always be close to the nightlife.
  • Neighborhood GuideJacksonville covers a vast area and as such, there are over 500 separate neighborhoods within the boundaries of the city. These neighborhoods include Downtown, Brooklyn, Riverside and Avondale, San Marco, and Springfield. In addition to these central areas, Greater Jacksonville is generally divided into several major sectors: Westside, Northside, Southside, Arlington, and the Beaches. Here are more details on some of these major neighborhoods: