Rent to Own Homes near Midlothian, IL

  • Midlothian, Illinois, was first settled in the early 1900s by a group of Chicago residents. These residents petitioned the Rock Island Railroad to build a spur into the city to provide access to the Midlothian Country Club. The quiet village quickly grew, and it was officially incorporated in 1927. Today,14,819 residents live in the 2.82 square mile village. Many of these residents commute thirty minutes to Chicago for work.

Check out over 300 Midlothian, IL rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top 6 Reasons to Live in Midlothian, Illinois

  • Parks and public facilities! Midlothian has more than 59 acres of parks throughout the city. The Midlothian Meadows Forest Preserve stretches from 152nd to 159th street and has a biking and hiking trail that connects to other parks in the area. The Don Preston Recreation Center has meeting rooms and a gymnasium that seats up to 250 people.
  • Appreciating home values! Homeowners in Midlothian can enjoy the rapidly rising values of their real estate. Since 1990, the average property value has increased by more than 91 percent. Between November 2013 and November 2014, values increased by more than 8 percent. Popular neighborhoods like Village Center, Hamlin Avenue and Central Avenue have all experienced these rising property values.
  • Beautiful outdoor parks! Midlothian residents have access to beautiful natural areas, including the Sundrop Prairie Nature Preserve, which contains 91.2 acres of protected land. The natural area is one of the last remnants of a prairie that once stretched along the shores of Lake Michigan. In the park, you'll find the Dropseed Prairie Nature Preserve, the Paintbrush Prairie Nature Preserve and the Gensburg-Markham Prairie Nature Preserve.
  • Great dining options for every craving! Midlothian is home to an eclectic variety of cuisines that will suit any taste. For the best meatballs around, try Bartolini Restaurant. If you're looking for Chinese, you can head to En Lai Chinese Restaurant or Gum Wah Restaurant. At La Dolce Bakery II, you can try delicious fresh desserts and other comfort food.
  • Enjoy a long bike ride! If you enjoy going for long bike rides on the weekend, Midlothian is the place for you. The city's bike loop connects several parks with the downtown shopping district. The loop starts at Bremen Heights Park, stops at the Midlothian Metro Station and continues to Sundrop Prairie Nature Preserve.
  • High rates of home ownership! As of 2014, there were 5,386 housing units in Midlothian. The market has plenty of rent to own homes, and nearly 20 percent of all properties were occupied by tenants. The ownership rate is just over 80 percent, and less that five percent of all homes are vacant. You'll find lots of homes for sale in the Midlothian Meadows neighborhood and the area around the Midlothian Country Club.