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Top 3 Reasons to Live in Annapolis, MD

  • Annapolis is an exciting city renowned for being "America's Sailing Capital." Located on the Chesapeake Bay, it is one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities across the 50 states. The region offers ample opportunities for work and play with little need for a vehicle. Residents can stroll along bridges, across creeks and waterways, to get to their destinations while enjoying the best views. The town's proximity to Washington, DC and Baltimore Bay are enticements for individuals to explore neighborhoods and pursue hobbies beyond their immediate surroundings.

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  • Dine on the freshest crab cakes by the docks! Enjoy steamed Maryland Blue Crabs, the town's favorite, with afternoon cocktails, or partake in a late night buffet where every sort of food imaginable awaits. Seafood is, of course, the primary fare. Dining on the freshest catch of the day by the waterfront and enjoying live musical entertainment is a special treat for visitors. The region is an active seaport; maritime villages bedecked with countless mouth-watering dishes delight discerning taste buds. Add sushi at Sakura Cafe to the list, and then go on a walk to check out the boats.
  • The widest selection of homes at attractive prices! Individuals looking for a wide selection of living arrangements will find plenty of competitively priced homes here. Communities that feature a mixture of new and old home designs offer the most attractive prices. Of course, home sales are primarily influenced by their urban and suburban locations, with tourist-attraction areas like Downtown on Main Street carrying their own unique price tags. The median home value in the city is 28.1% greater than Maryland's average, yet over 54% of residents are homeowners. The suburbs, like Poplar Ave. off West Street and Island View Road, offer home buyers attractive price advantages, since they feature a wider allocation of lofts, townhouses, and studios in the neighborhood. Rent to own homes also offer young home buyers a unique pathway to home ownership that is initially affordable.
  • House renter's market! The housing market caters just as much for the renter as it does for the home buyer. Almost 50% of residents occupy rental properties with moderate turnover rates. While the median rental rates in the city are 11.7% greater than the Maryland average, this is offset by residents' median household income, which is significantly higher than the state's average. Places like Back Creek Apartments and Cape St. Claire townhouses provide excellent leasing arrangements. Since the market is almost evenly divided, rental houses by the waterfront offer the ambivalent resident extra time before committing to a mortgage.