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  • Located in Upstate New York, just south of Ontario Lake is Rochester, New York. This bustling suburban paradise is a fantastic place to raise kids; even Forbes named it one of the top three places to raise a family in America. With a population of approximately 210,565 people, Rochester is constantly enjoying booms, thanks in part to its many industries and businesses, including Kodak, Bausch and Lomb, and Xerox. The University of Rochester and the Rochester Institute of technology are here; both are leading colleges in the nation. Lower education schools are also excellent, and the low cost of living and low cost of housing attracts people from all over the country. Rochester isn't all work and no play however; there are many parks, restaurants, art museums, theaters and concert halls that appeal to people of all ages. The dozens of neighborhoods also ensure each person has a suitable place to reside.

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Top Reasons to Live in Rochester NY

  • Housing Statistics Rochester is lucky to claim the lowest real estate prices in all of New York State. The average price for a home in the first quarter of 2013 was $110,955, with the median price being $95,097. A total of 561 homes were sold in this same period of time. There are a total of 89,845 homes in Rochester, with a good balance of renters and owners, but a higher rate of renters, probably due to the colleges in the city. Owners make up 33 percent of structures and renters make up 58 percent, leaving an eight percent vacancy rate, which is higher than the national average. This high vacancy rate allows renters and buyers to be picky when it comes to choosing a place to live. Rent to own houses are also available in the area.
  • Arts and Culture Rochester is full of cultural attractions and entertainment options with an educational or intellectual twist. The Rochester Contemporary Art Center is particularly popular, as is the Memorial Art Gallery -- both present fine art. The Garth Fagan Dance is a cultural institution, as is the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. Kids especially appreciate the Strasenburgh Planetarium's fascinating exhibits.
  • Local Sports Rochester is a mecca of recreational activity, with both college and professional sports. Professional teams include the Rochester Red Wings baseball team, Rochester Americans hockey team, Rochester Rhinos soccer team and the Rochester Razorsharks basketball team. Golf is another popular pastime in this city that hosts the Ryder's Cup, PGA and Men's U.S. Open at varying times.
  • Neighborhoods Rochester has dozens of smaller neighborhoods and 17 main ones. Some have more prolific residential areas, and those are worth focusing on. Buyers or renters should take some time to familiarize themselves with each area's nuances before committing.