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  • Philadelphia is home to over a million residents, making it the largest municipality in Pennsylvania. With pretzels and the famed Philly Cheese Steak originating here, there's no question that the "City of Brotherly Love" has made its mark in the world of cuisine. Whether touring the Betsy Ross House to explore Philadelphia's past or taking the kids for carousel rides at the Please Touch Museum, there's no question that residents of all ages gain something from being here.

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  • Housing Statistics If you've decided to make the move to Philadelphia, you should consider a few details about houses here. Then you can decide where exactly you will buy, rent, or rent to own. According to the numbers, the median home sales price in Philadelphia is $150,000, while the average home sales price is $128,000. At the same time, housing units in general have a vacancy rate of 13.7%, while the rental vacancy rate clocked in at 8.4% in the United States Census Bureau's 2007-2011 American Community Survey. With the annual residential turnover listed at 22%, the statistics paint an interesting picture for prospective home buyers. On the one hand, the reasonable prices and the speed of the real estate market are undoubtedly good signs because it means that transactions are happening at a brisk pace. But the lower vacancy rate suggests that you may want to keep rental homes on your radar as you make the rounds. Fortunately, the typical asking price appears to be within reason, and for that alone you can't go wrong seeing what's on Philadelphia's real estate market.
  • Arts and Culture Philadelphia has an active arts community. The Summer Concert Series at Penn's Landing is great if you're a fan of good music and spending time outdoors. The action occurs over the course of the entire summer and, best of all, it's free! Another great option for fans of the arts is the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe, which takes the art of performance to a whole new level. Showcasing productions that promote greater introspection while sometimes taking an outside of the box perspective, this is the thinking man or woman's theater. Additionally, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a major landmark in this city, with so many exhibits and works on display that 10 acres are necessary to house it all. Featuring ancient works and hundreds of thousands of items, a trip to the art museum is an absolute must.
  • Tourist Attractions Just one of the many tourist attractions in this city is Longwood Gardens. Said to house thousands of plants, you can take your time strolling through these immaculately kept grounds. There's no better way to make use of your day, though a visit to Randolph Rogers' Abraham Lincoln statue comes close. This statue captures the late president preparing to sign the Emancipation Proclamation. Philadelphia is also home to Franklin Square, which is a well-known 8-acre park. Here you can try your hand at mini-golf, ride a carousel, and enjoy some food. It's a golden opportunity to spend time with friends and family in a fun environment.
  • Neighborhood Guide Philadelphia has lots of neighborhoods, each with a different feel. Here's a closer look at a few of them.