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Top 4 Reasons to Live in Pottstown, PA

  • Where Mrs. Smith's Pies were first made, Pottstown also has a nice mix of nature, the arts, history, and social activities in addition to its good pastries. Technically a borough of over 22,500 people, Pottstown is within striking range of Philadelphia (just 32 miles to the northwest), which means residents have easy access to the big city, while still being able to enjoy a small town atmosphere.

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  • Take in all the historic sites! The Pottsgrove Manor, a fascinating Georgian-style home that was erected in 1752, once was home to John Potts, the town's founder and namesake. The Old Pottstown Historic District, with sites like the Reading Railroad Pottstown Station and buildings that possess a range of architectural styles, showcases the town's history and character; walking through this district is a great way to spend the afternoon. The Pottstown Roller Mill is another landmark in town worth visiting, as well.
  • Get any sort of housing! Unlike many small towns, single family residences don't dominate the real estate market. Only 35.7 percent of housing units in Pottstown are detached houses, and the rest are a mix of townhouses, condo units, and apartments. With many vacancies available, newcomers can choose what kind of property they want to rent to own, buy, or lease. To view available apartments, look near Highland Memorial Park, site of several apartment complexes. For condos, search by the North End Shopping Center, and houses can be found near Manatawny Park.
  • Satisfy the appetite! You don't have to make the trip to Philadelphia to get a delicious meal. Top-notch cuisine can be had right in Pottstown. For a nice dinner, get a table at Restaurant Racine. For some home-style fare in a casual setting, head to the Pottstown Diner. For burgers, live music, and beers, go to the West End Alley. And for flavorful seafood, fried rice, and Lo Mein, place an order at China Pan.
  • A rising real estate market! Property value in Pottstown has increased 5.3 percent in the last year, and the positive trend is predicted to continue. The price of real estate per square foot is still much lower than the Philadelphia metro average, which means now is a good time to purchase a home in Pottstown. There are lots of areas to check for suitable pads, including around Brookside Country Club on the outskirts of town and near Pottstown Regional Public Library in the center of town.