Rent to Own Homes near Fresno, TX

  • Spanning about 9 square miles, Fresno is a Texas town of about 19,069 residents, according to the 2010 Census. In Fort Bend County, Fresno is adjacent to the cities of Houston, Pearland, Arcola, Missouri City and Rosharon. Fresno's history extends back to 1824, when the land that would one day become Fresno was patented. A resident of the area eventually named it Fresno and by 1910 the community had a post office. Four years later, it also had a hardware store and a general store, as well as a growing population. Since then, Fresno has grown to provide a home to many more businesses and over 1,800 households (based on the 2010 Census).

Check out over 300 Fresno, TX rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top 5 Top Reasons to Live in Fresno, Texas

  • Homes for sale in Fresno! The median sale price of homes for sale in Fresno is $135,600 (as of November 2014). That's almost $7,000 more than the median price in Texas overall. As far as home values are concerned, median values are about 5 percent more here than in the rest of Texas but about 25 percent less than the average for the country. The area has many amenities, including places to get morning coffee, such as Starbucks and Java Hut.
  • Apartments, homes and rent to own property in Fresno! The average price of a rental house in Fresno is about $1,521 monthly and about 14 percent of the town is renter occupied. The California Street/Evergreen Street area offers a selection of homes, town homes, mobile homes and small apartment buildings with a median rent of $1,565 per month. The Trammel Fresno Road/Kansas Street area has more single-family homes and mobile home properties than apartments and townhomes with a median rent of about $1,065 a month.
  • Shopping venues! There are plenty of places to shop in Fresno. First Colony Mall and Galleria Mall are two of the places locals go to shop. For groceries, many residents depend on Fresno Food Market, Fresno Grocery and Crossroad Market.
  • Places to dine out! When residents of Fresno get tired of cooking, there are many places to go to eat. Among them are Pizza Hut, Taco Shack, El Toro Bravo and Jack in the Box.
  • Entertainment options! The Mustang Community Center is easy to reach from any Fresno neighborhood and offers 5 acres of park and recreation space, including a baseball diamond and a walking trail. To catch a flick, residents head to the Star Cinema Grill, which also sells food, or to the Cinemark Theater.