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  • As one of the most expensive areas in Texas, the median sales price of homes sits at just over $188,000. This is a very low number compared to America's most luxurious cities, allowing families and younger couples to enjoy the benefits of a stand alone house in the suburbs. One of the nice things about buying or finding a rent to own option in Pearland is that many of the properties are new construction. The sudden population explosion led to a large increase in the number of homes. Currently, there are more than 1,000 properties available for sale. The average listing price for homes is $266,422, but homes sales are down 40 percent. The slow down on sales creates a bigger demand for rent to own homes, since most residents are home owners in the Pearland area.

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  • Largest Employers and IndustriesPearland has one of the highest percentages of people employed in a computer or tech field in the nation. The Texas Medical Center draws many commuters each day, along with NASA and the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. Medical research and manufacturing also makes up a large percentage of employment in Pearland. The Merritt Medical Systems project, currently under construction, is expected to employ upwards of 200 researchers and development professionals, while Shadow Creek Ranch employs approximately 800 people. Some other large employers include Kemlon Products, H-E-B Plus, Bedero Shaw and a variety of retail locations.,
  • Arts and CulturePearland offers many of the benefits of urban living, but it does lack a thriving nightlife. Instead, residents enjoy a thriving arts scene. Moody Gardens has stunning examples of rainforest wildlife and aquatic animals. The Pearl Theater puts on a variety of productions ranging from Shakespeare to experimental. It also offers several programs designed to engage youthful members of the community in theater and the arts. Sing & Play Fine Arts Studio hosts classes in different musical instruments, designed for all ages. Hollywood and Broadway may be far away, but the arts have strong representation in this family-oriented Texas town.
  • NeighborhoodsIn many cities, neighborhoods grow organically as people move into an area and settle down. In Pearland, the housing boom offered the opportunity to build planned communities. Many of the neighborhoods in Pearland are the result of new construction in a master planned community.