Rent to Own Homes near Bothell, WA

  • Located just outside Seattle, WA, Bothell is a great place to call home. A unique location that offers opportunities for both outdoor adventure and urban accessibility, Bothell has something for everyone. For the hiker, there are endless trails nearby. For the city slicker, Seattle is within an easy drive. For families, there tons of cultural events, retail, and parks for recreation.

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5 Reasons to Make Your Home in Bothell, WA

  • Northwestern paradise! Enjoy living close to Seattle and all the city's charms in Bothell, WA. A suburb of 35,000 people, this city offers the convenience of large city living while enjoying a smaller hometown feel. Enjoy the city that was home to the world's largest Christmas tree until 1970, or hike through the many recreational areas surrounding the city. Check out the shopping neighborhood of Thrasher's Corners, and be sure to participate in some of the city's many events.
  • Love the suburban life! Bothell's motto is ""Welcome to Bothell, for a day or a lifetime."" This shows the welcoming side of this suburb of Seattle and sets the tone for residing here. Enjoy the small town life while also having the opportunity to work and play in Seattle. You don't have to commute to the city to work. Since the year 2000, Bothell has also been home to industry in the Canyon Park and North Creek business districts, where companies involved in computer technology and biotechnology have started to open offices and facilities.
  • Tons of events! If you love the idea of a city that involves the entire population, Bothell, WA is the right place for you. The city's sense of civic pride is high, and it shows with the many different events they are home to throughout the year. The City of Bothell Freedom Festival celebrates American Independence in the summer, while the Tree Lighting and Santa Arrival brightens up the winter.
  • A city of growth! Bothell is growing. Since 2004, the city has gained over 15,000 new residents, while also having a high satisfaction of living rate. Approximately 2/3rds of the town's population owns their home, indicating that this desirable area is a great place to invest in long term. Residents in Bothell buy homes to raise families and plant roots.
  • Rent to own homes are abound in this community, as well. Houses to rent can be found in Downtown Bothell and Thrasher's Corner, where small businesses and retail presence are on the rise. The rates of return for purchasing property and real estate investments have been steadily climbing, as well.
  • Recreation everywhere! Bothell is surrounded by recreation spots, such as Lake Sammamish, the Sammamish River and North Creek Forest, which is actually within the city limits. Enjoy camping, hiking and fishing in one of the country's best areas for wildlife and nature. The natural four seasons are distinct and beautiful, making the experience of being in the outdoors variable and exciting. Close to both the city and the country, Bothell offers the best of both worlds.