Rent to Own Homes near Shoreline, WA

  • Location: Straddling the city limits of Seattle, Shoreline is in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Because of its proximity to Seattle, you will have access to all that is located there in addition to Shoreline's numerous amenities. When you're in the nearby Seattle, be sure to visit the Space Needle and the Experience Music Project.

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11 Great Reasons to Live in Shoreline, Washington

  • Rising home values: Shoreline is an up-and-coming city, and as such, values of its homes are on the rise. In 2013, the median home sales price for a home in Shoreline was $72,450, which is a 27.1% increase from the year prior. Given all that it has to offer, it is easy to understand why more and more people desire to make Shoreline their home. The area around Meridian Avenue and the neighborhood of North City are popular.
  • Different housing options: In Shoreline, there are a variety of ways to find a home: you can buy a house, rent a house or find an apartment. In addition, there are many different neighborhoods in which to find a home. Shoreline has fourteen diverse neighborhoods, each one offering a different feel. These include Briarcrest on the southeast side of town and Richmond Beach in the northwest.
  • Rent to own: Shoreline has a rental vacancy rate of 3.2%, making a rent to own home a viable option. You might find a home to rent in the neighborhoods of Echo Lake or Parkwood - there are numerous options.
  • Older and newer homes: Shoreline has a selection of both older and newer houses available for purchase and rental, which adds to the number of options you have while looking to settle there. You may find a newer home in the neighborhood of The Highlands, or discover that one of the older houses in the Briarcrest neighborhood is more to your liking.
  • Beautiful scenery: Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Shoreline offers wooded scenery and ocean views. The city also offers numerous parks in which to enjoy the great outdoors, including Richmond Beach Park and Twin Ponds Park.
  • Museums: In addition to easy access to the numerous museums in nearby Seattle, Shoreline itself has several enticing options in terms of museums. You can visit the Shoreline Historical Museum and the Haus European Art museum while in this town.
  • Recreational Activities: Shoreline has a diverse offering of recreational activities. Chances are, there's something in this category that will appeal to you. Options include ice skating at the Highland Ice Arena, exploring the Boeing Creek Park and guided salmon fishing tours through Riverside Guide Services.
  • Biking opportunities: With its numerous parks and nearby sandy beaches of Puget Sound, the city of Shoreline offers ample opportunities for bikers to take their wheels. Local bike trails that run through Shoreline include the Aki Trail and the Burke-Gilman Trail.
  • Nightlife: Shoreline has no shortage of nightlife activities. There are many places to go once the sun sets in this town. Visit Woody's for a drink or stop by Waltz Etcetera for some dancing.
  • Lady Luck: While it isn't Las Vegas, Shoreline has several casinos such as the Hideaway Casino and Restaurant and Goldie's Shoreline Casino. If you enjoy gambling, you'll undoubtedly appreciate these places upon relocating to Shoreline. You might even win big.