Rent to Own Homes near Kirkland, WA

  • Convenient Location! Kirkland is a small town suburb of Seattle, WA. It's situated in King County and its 2010 United States Census Bureau population total was 48,787. It is located on the east side of Lake Washington and is the ninth largest city in the county. Highway 520, leading to Seattle, runs right through Kirkland.

Check out over 300 Kirkland, WA rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Kirkland, WA

  • Ample Modes of Transportation! All of King County, including Seattle and Kirkland, is accessible through all means typically associated with such an area of importance. With such prestigious Fortune 500 companies as Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing having such a huge business / employment presence there, superb international and domestic air transportation play a large role in the economic success of the area. Train, bus and auto transport are other reliable ways to achieve surface mobility to and from the region.
  • Shopping: Many forms and levels of shopping are indeed well established in Kirkland. Kirkland's Totem Lake Mall and Redmond Town Center are two of the larger multi-purpose shopping choices in the local area.
  • Homes for Rent: An ample blend of rental or rent to own homes are available in many desirable areas of Kirkland. Acquaintance with up-to-date market rental properties can best be achieved by online search or visiting local real estate agencies. If you want to rent, you'll be in good company, since about 39% of people in town rent. Consider looking near parks like Marina Park or Juanita Bay Park.
  • Alternate Form of Houses for Sale: In addition to a conventional home rental, a popular alternative is a rent to own consideration. This initiative reduces risk in that you can thoroughly check out all aspects of a contemplated purchase. While shopping for homes in the area, consider opportunistic sale by owner possibilities as well.
  • Culture: Like many of its East Lake Washington shore neighboring towns, Kirkland hosts its share of its own cultural events. The Kirkland Performance Center and the Kirkland Arts Center are representative examples of the venues where many dance, musical concerts and art exhibitions are held.
  • Delectable Cuisines in Abundance: If its international cuisine from all over the world that you crave, the greater Kirkland region offers it all. Kirkland eateries host dining individuals and families on all types of budgets. There are more than 220 restaurants of all types listed online for the Kirkland area. Ristorante Paradiso and Cactus Restaurant are two of the more popular and highly rated dining locations.
  • Great Nightlife. There's lots to do when the sun goes down in Kirkland, WA. From sports bars, like Pub 85, to dance clubs like Central Club, you can find a way to have fun after dark in Kirkland.
  • Low Property Mortgage Interest Rates: Bank home mortgage lending rates are at historic lows and the Kirkland area offers many excellent house prices to accommodate those wishing to establish a household in the area. The median home value in the area is $434,100. Consider looking for rent to own houses or purchasable homes near Bridle Trails State Park or Willows Run Golf Complex.
  • Property Tax Rate: Once a newly purchased house property is assigned an assessed value by the King county taxing authority, you can expect to be paying anywhere from 7.3 percent to 11.9 percent depending upon the specific area location within the county. The rate spread is based on these significant levels as there is no state income tax in Washington and much of that lost revenue is made up in property taxes. Check out great homes in neighborhoods like Forbes Creek or St. Edward State Park.