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Top 3 Reasons to Live in Douglas, AZ

  • The people who founded the town of Douglas had the sole purpose of using the city as a headquarters to handle the tough work of extracting copper from its ore. The ore was such an important aspect of the city's history that it was actually named after a miner, Dr. James Douglas. Douglas sits right on the Mexican border, right next to the Mexican city of Agua Prieta. Cattle ranching and agricultural vocations have supported this community since the 1800s.

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  • Great property tax rates! Douglas is undoubtedly a nice place to stay. After all, more than half of all the homes in the city are inhabited by individuals who opted to buy rather than rent. Even with this being the case, property taxes in the area are absolutely amazing. In fact, these taxes are right around 35 percent lower than what the average American is paying. This means that you can easily save up money to take that day trip to Bisbee Queen Mine Tours or head on over to Tombstone and watch one of the reenactments of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.
  • The city keeps you cultured! Douglas always has chances for you to stay a little cultured. You want to get a little more historical knowledge? Head over to the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad depot. For those who want to help contribute to the arts in the area, there's plenty of opportunity to make a donation to help with the reconstruction of the Douglas Grand Theatre. Become a patron of the arts!
  • Great overall home values! One of the best measures of an area is to look at how much their property valuations are going up. When looking at Douglas, you'll see good things. The American housing market has had a value appreciation of about 12.7 percent over the last decade. This rate in Douglas, however, is right around 18.5 percent. With these great value increases, one might think that rent to own homes would be too expensive. Definitely not the case. The market in Douglas took a big hit around 2009, so home prices, even with increasing values, are still 60 percent lower than the average cost in America. So splurge! Get a place by the Douglas Golf Course. You'll find tons of listings nearby Douglas Aquatic Center and the Veteran's Memorial Park.