Rent to Own Homes near Los Angeles, CA

  • Los Angeles, California, is a major city that has a population of about 3.82 million people, making it the second most populous city in the United States. L.A. is most known for being the home of Hollywood and all the glitz and glamor that comes with it, from movie studios to celebrity sightings. But this city also encompasses beaches, landmarks, universities, and amusement parks, with Santa Monica Pier, the Hollywood Sign, University of Southern California (USC), and Universal Studios being a few examples of what this city is known for.

Check out over 300 Los Angeles, CA rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top Reasons to Live in Los Angeles CA

  • Housing Statistics The median cost of homes in Los Angeles is about $368,000, and the cost of living here is about 44 percent higher than average. Another figure that is higher than the national average is the number of renters, which is about 58 percent. Those who own homes here are in the minority, at only 36 percent. In addition, the average home is about 48 years old, which is older than the average of 35 years in the rest of the US. The number of homes sold each year hovers at just over 11,000, and this city's vacancy rate is about 7 percent.
  • Tourist Attractions Los Angeles gets millions of tourists annually, and that's no surprise given the countless things to do in this city. Hollywood is a major attraction, and it includes the Hollywood Sign, the Chinese Theatre, and the Walk of Fame. Some family-friendly activities in other areas of L.A. include Universal Studios, Los Angeles Zoo, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and the Santa Monica Pier's small amusement park, called Pacific Park. Of course, when you head to L.A., you're near miles of beaches that are perfect for swimming, tanning, and building sand castles. You can also take a variety of tours in L.A., ranging from whale watching on a boat to riding a bus around the city to look at breathtaking mansions where celebrities live.
  • Transportation and Commutes The traffic in L.A. is famously frustrating, and some residents try to solve the problem by using the public transportation options that are available. The Metro is the most well-known bus line for getting around the city, though Greyhound also serves the area. Trains here include Amtrak, which is most often used to take residents from L.A. to San Diego and other nearby major cities. The Metro Rail is another public transportation option; it's a light rail that many people use to get from the suburbs to downtown L.A. for work. Of course, most people still prefer to drive their own car to work, but they face an average commute time of just under 30 minutes each way, which is among the longest commute times in the country. As for air travel, the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) takes care of more than 60 million travelers per year.
  • Neighborhood Guide There are more than 100 neighborhoods in Los Angeles, and some are large enough to actually be considered cities in their own right. A complete rundown of every area in this major city could get long and tedious, so instead, here are some details about the basic regions of Los Angeles.