Rent to Own Homes near Randolph, MA

  • Randolph is an historic town in the greater Boston area. The town is 10.5 square miles and located in the scenic Norfolk County. For many years, the town was known for the production of shoes and boots, and at one point almost two-thirds of locals worked in that trade.

Check out over 300 Randolph, MA rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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5 Reasons to Live in Randolph, MA

  • Home prices are rising! Now is a good time to buy a home in Randolph. House prices are well below the highs of 2006 and great deals are still available. Median prices in the local market dipped in early 2012 and have been mostly edging upward since. Local condo communities include Union Square Condominiums and Bridle Path Apartments.
  • Live in a community steeped in history! Before it was called Randolph, the area was named Cochaticquom by the Cochato and Ponkapoag tribes. Later, it was part of the town of Braintree. It was incorporated as Randolph in 1793, named after the first president of the Continental Congress Peyton Randolph. Local historical places include the home of Jonathan Belcher and the Gills Farm Archaeological District. The town is located in Norfolk County, which was signed into being by Massachusetts Governor John Hancock in 1973. Four presidents were born in Norfolk County, including John Adams and John F. Kennedy.
  • Take advantage of great transport links! Randolph is located in the Greater Boston area, so there is plenty of access to air, rail and road transportation facilities. Thanks to these resources, the mean travel time to work is just over 33 minutes for members of this community. US Route 1 is located north of town, and Massachusetts Routes 24, 28 and 139 run through town. There are commuter rail services to Boston on the Middleboro line, and bus services are provided by MBTA and BAT. The closest airport is Norwood Memorial, but many locals use the much bigger Logan International for their travel needs.
  • Variety of housing options! A wide range of properties are available to purchase or rent in Randolph, MA. Many rent to own homes are available, too. You'll find detached houses ranging from modest two bedrooms to large homes. There are plenty of condos, townhouses and apartments, too. Local subdivisions include the new developments Ledgewood Estates and Mary Lee Estates.
  • Excellent recreation facilities! Powers Farm is a scenic local park that combines fields, woodlands, wetlands and ponds. It's home to lots of wildlife and plants, including the Atlantic White Cedar. Swimming lessons and water aerobics are available at the Randolph Community Pool. There's even a community theater troupe, which performs at Stetson Hall.