Rent to Own Homes near Euless, TX

  • Great location! This suburb is conveniently located very close to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and a lot of airline employees and frequent travelers choose to live here. Apartment complexes near Mid-Cities Boulevard and East Ash Lane are close enough to make it a breeze to get in and out of the airport.

Check out over 300 Euless, TX rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top 11 Reasons to Move to Euless

  • Lots of rental units! Whether you're looking to rent a two-bedroom apartment or for rent to own houses, chances are you'll find it here because more than 50% of housing here is renter-occupied. Neighborhoods south of 183 along Pipeline Road are more established and affordable, while the areas along Glade Road are newer and in much higher demand.
  • Beautiful parks! Euless isn't large, but there sure are a lot of parks around here. Bear Creek is the largest and most popular, but smaller parks like Bob Eden Park and Midway Park still get a lot of use.
  • Beat the average! Like the rest of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, homes are considerably cheaper here than the national average, especially when compared to either of the coasts. The median home price here is just $132,700, which is very reasonable for a suburb of a large city. Neighborhoods like Stonewood and Morrisdale give you the biggest bang for your buck. There are also rent to own deals in these areas.
  • Nature inspired! Euless is nicknamed "Tree City U.S.A." and hosts the annual, award-winning Arbor Daze festival in late April.
  • New houses! Houses are newer than average here, too. The median age of a home in Euless is 25 years, a full 10 years newer than the national median age. That means that you are more likely to get an updated home, especially in neighborhoods like Glade Crossing and Brookside at Bear Creek. Rent to own homes are available as well.
  • Sports, sports, sports! You have plenty of opportunities to participate in sports. The Parks at Texas Star is the largest organization in Euless for multiple sporting events, but the Bedford-Euless Soccer Association can be a great resource, too.
  • Wonderful weather! Euless may not be located on any bodies of water, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer through the hot North Texas summers. The Wilshire Pool and Midway Pool are just two of the facilities in Euless where you can beat the heat by spending a day lounging by the water.
  • Yummy food! Though you have access to every chain restaurant you could ever want, you're not limited to that as your only option. Euless has many really delicious independently owned restaurants, especially if you like multiple types of cuisine. Papaya Garden is a local favorite for Thai food and Taste of Pakistan is fabulous too.
  • Time at the links! You can spend a great day on the golf course. Whether you choose to go to the very popular Golf Course at the Texas Star or just practice your swing at Cooper's Golf Park, you'll always have a good day out there with your clubs.