Rent to Own Homes near DeSoto, TX

  • It's Highly Accessible: Desoto is just a few miles south of the developing neighborhood, Duncanville, and just west of Lancaster--both are accessible by using I-35. If you don't want to take the Interstate, you can take Belt Line Road or the 67.

Check out over 300 DeSoto, TX rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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10 Reasons to Live in Desoto, Texas

  • Hop on the DART to Dallas: Desoto is located in a prime area just south of downtown Dallas. By bus, you can reach the famous downtown Dallas skyline in less than 2 hours. Don't forget to visit the Dallas Galleria in Farmers Branch, while you're there. Look near East Parkerville Road and East Wintergreen Road are great places to look for houses or rent to own homes.
  • The Best Food Around: Desoto is well known for its tasty selection of restaurants. The most popular restaurants in the area are El Chico and Ojeda's. Both were given top marks on TripAdvisor as the best places to eat. El Chico has the best steak tacos and handmade tortillas in the county and Ojeda's is known for its delicious enchiladas. Make sure to reserve your seats before arriving to avoid disappointment.
  • Home of the Staycation: This is a highly residential area with beautiful country scenery. For this reason, locals often choose to stick around when they have a few days to relax. Those who choose to stay usually rent rooms at the Days Inn or Hampton Inn and Suites.
  • A Shopper's Paradise: This town is a virtual oasis of shopping centers, boutiques and malls. Right off the 77 is the Northgate Plaza Shopping Center. Here you can find your typical chain department stores like JC Penny and Forever 21. If you decide to stay near Belt Line Road, stop in at the Brookhollow Desoto Shopping Center to get your retail fix.
  • Work Out to Your Heart's Content: Desoto is teeming with gymnasiums and fitness centers. If you're looking to lose those last few stubborn pounds, stop in at Gold's Gym and train with a professional. If you'd rather go solo, try LA Fitness or World Class Fitness Club.
  • Apartments Worthy of Being Called Homes: Desoto has so much space to build on that many of the apartments in the area are as big as houses. The amenities you can expect in these oversized and underpriced apartments are swimming pools, tennis courts and sheltered parking. Many of the areas near East Belt Line and North Polk street have plenty of available housing!
  • Sizeable Rent to Own Houses: Rent to own homes in this community range from 2 bedroom detached single story homes to 4 bedroom multi-floored mini-mansions. For the latest rent to own options check out areas near Pleasant Run or Shamrock Road.
  • Pet-Friendly: Not only is Desoto covered in beautiful green parks, but the homes all have large back yards that are perfect for large pets. Areas that are most desirable for pet owners include Duncanville and Glen Heights. The city has a 6.8% vacancy rate so you should have a great chance of finding a rent to own house here!
  • Buy Your Dream Home: Texas is the desired location for people who want to stay put. If you're looking for your dream home in Texas, then Desoto is the place to be! According to Zillow, many of the 3 and 4 bedroom homes that are on sale are priced well below market value.