Rent to Own Homes near University Park, TX

  • Right outside of Dallas, TX is University Park -- a small university town that's bordered by Dallas on three of its sides. The two towns are so close that many mistake it for Dallas. However, in reality, it's a place with an identity and character all its own. University Park was founded officially in 1924. Since then, it's become a residential enclave in the Dallas Metro area, now serving as the hometown for more than 23,000 people.

Check out over 300 University Park, TX rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top 4 Reasons to live in University Park

  • Owners rejoice! People who are looking to own or rent to own a place will find themselves right at home in University Park. That's because way more than half -- about 69 percent of people -- own their residences in the city. People who enjoy reading should consider purchasing a place near the George W. Bush Presidential Library, which is located in town. Other great spots for readers include Logos Bookstore and Barnes and Noble.
  • Delicious Dining! People in University Park definitely know how to eat. The town is packed with excellent bars and restaurants to cater to nearly any culinary taste. Want Japanese? Go for Sushi Kyoto. If you're in the mood for some more classic bar or pub fare, one of the best choices in town is Savor Gastropub.
  • Desirable living! People really like living in University Park. That's great news if you're planning to move there. However, it can be difficult to find a place to live in the city, since the vacancy rate is about 5 percent at any time. Don't fret, though; there are lots of excellent housing options that can be found with just a little searching. Want to stay in a hotel while you're looking for the right place to lay your head at night? Try The Lumen or the Bradford Homesuites in town.
  • Outdoor haven! People in Texas love taking advantage of the warm Texan outdoors. Luckily, this area is the location of some great parks, which means that people have lovely green space to spend their time. Germany Park is a popular place for picnics on the west side of town. The city is also home to Williams Park, Native Texas Park, Turner Centennial Quad, Coffee Park and Caruth Park. For people who want to play sports outside, there's also the very convenient Dallas Country Club nearby.