Rent to Own Homes near Garland, TX

  • Part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Garland, Texas, lies a few miles northeast of Dallas. The population of Garland, as of the 2010 census, was 226,876. The city, named after US Attorney General Augustus Hill Garland, was incorporated in 1891. After World War II, Garland experienced a population boom and is still going strong to this day. In fact, Money Magazine listed Garland as one of the top 100 places to live in 2008. The climate here is considered humid and sub-tropical, meaning that Garland is pleasant for most of the year, hovering in the 60s-80s temperature range. However, during the summer months, it jumps up into the 90s and sometimes rises above 100 degrees, much to the chagrin of the locals. Winters are mild, but temperatures do slide below freezing every now and again, and if locals are lucky, they might even have a White Christmas. Whether you're looking for an apartment to rent, a rental house or a place to purchase, Garland surely will have something for you.

Check out over 300 Garland, TX rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top Reasons to Live in Garland TX

  • Housing StatisticsMost homes in Garland were built during the 1960s, 70s and 80s when Texas was enjoying considerable profits from the oil and gas industries. This Texas town is on the rise once again. The median home value is $113,900, an improvement over recent years. The average listing price is $180,661, while the average sale price is somewhat lower at $87,472. Resident renters can expect to pay close to $944 per month for their homes or apartments. Garland has a good selection of homes to choose from, so it's a great spot no matter whether you're looking for a rental home or a house to purchase.
  • Transportation and Commutes The expected travel commute is about 30 minutes to and from work, so tune in to your favorite station or news channel and enjoy the ride. Most Garland residents drive cars because it gives them the freedom to get into and out of the city when they want to. For those that want to save the environment or use public transportation, there is a Dallas Area Rapid Transit Train that connects the two. There are also buses, so if you don't want to drive, you're in luck.
  • The Garland School SystemThe city of Garland has an excellent school system that provides a top notch education for its youth. There are 88 preschools, 56 elementary schools, 21 middle schools and 13 high schools within the city's public system. Add to that number 53 private schools and 4 charter schools and it is easy to see why every child in Garland is given an opportunity to succeed and grow and learn. The travel time to and from school is relatively short for students within their schools district.
  • The Neighborhoods of GarlandGarland has several vibrant communities within its borders. Here are some neighborhoods you should know about: