Rent to Own Homes near Woburn, MA

  • Woburn, Massachusetts is suburb of Boston, located just 10 miles to the northwest of Beantown. Its close proximity to such a major mecca means easy access to all kinds of entertainment, shopping and cultural events. The quietness of a suburb coupled with access to wicked-fun activities in nearby Boston are reason enough to live in Woburn. But just in case further convincing is necessary, here are six not-to-miss reasons for making this town your home.

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Top 6 Reasons to Live in Woburn, MA

  • Location, Location, Location! Property in Woburn is prime real estate because the town is ideally located for residents who want to enjoy big city perks without having to live a big city life. Owning or renting a home there provides the best of both worlds. You can attend big city events like a major league baseball game at Fenway Park or a mega shopping excursion at Prudential Center and be back to bask in the calmness of the 12.63-square mile Woburn community in no time flat.
  • You can ride the rails. Don't drive to Boston, take a train instead. The Downeaster Amtrak route is part of the New England run from Northern Boston to Portland, Maine with a stop in Woburn. Catch this Amtrak train at the Woburn-Anderson Regional Trans Center on Atlantic Avenue for an incredible ride with a view.
  • Play the field and take a hike. Scenic parks and recreation areas are well within reach, including Ferullo Field and Horn Pond. Ferullo Field features a lighted baseball field, basketball court, swimming, tennis court and a playground. Horn Pond is pure scenic beauty with a major recreational area featuring hiking and biking trails.
  • Visit a cranberry bog. Yes, there's a cranberry bog in Woburn. The property was once just a pond, but was transformed into a bog in 1905. While cranberry harvesting is a thing of the past, the area serves to protect a main watershed. You can take in the view of this historical landmark at the intersection of Washington Street and Washington Circle. Conservationists can become a member of the Woburn Resident's Environmental Network and help to preserve the area.
  • A history lesson is yours for the taking. Woburn has a tanning history (tanning as in the making of leather, not laying out in the sun). During the 1800s, the town was a major location for leather tanneries that sprung up in response to the demand for leather shoes prompted by the Civil War. Today, the tanneries are long gone, but the history pays homage to a city that was once a leader in leather production.
  • Real estate is in demand. Homes are a hot commodity in Woburn - some estimates put the vacancy rate at 5 percent - and the increased demand in the area means you should give yourself ample time to find the perfect residence. On the plus side, becoming a property owner in Woburn, even with a rent to own home, means a high resale value is very much likely. There are several great communities available for launching a home search, including North Woburn, Shakerhill and Central Square.