Rent to Own Homes near Anoka, MN

  • Anoka, Minnesota offers a lot to residents and visitors alike. The city is nestled just twenty minutes outside of the Twin Cities - and is easy to access via car or public transportation. With a quaint downtown and charming personality, Anoka is abundant with culture, nature, and local downtown businesses. Furthermore, there are several large employers in the city, making it an attractive place to work and enjoy.

Check out over 300 Anoka, MN rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top 4 Reasons to Live in Anoka, MN

  • Celebrate with Anoka! As the Official Halloween Capital of the World, Anoka is a city that likes to celebrate. The city hosted one of the nation's first Halloween parades nearly one hundred years ago. The fun has not stopped since. With races, parades, and home decorating contests, everyone can find a way to celebrate the spirit of the season. Anoka also hosts an annual Riverfest and Craft Fair. It's one of the largest craft festivals in the greater Twin Cities region, and offers live music, food, family activities, and boat rides on both the Mississippi and Rum Rivers.
  • Affordable Homes for Purchase! As a suburb of the Twin Cities, Anoka is an established city that offers proximity to big city attractions without the hassle and expense of downtown living. With homes for sale and properties with sprawling acres of land, Anoka offers a variety of housing options for those looking to purchase. Even compared to neighboring counties, the home prices in Anoka are competitive and more affordable. To live near the Mississippi River look along Benton St or East River Rd. To be close to Riverdale Village, stay near Main Street or East 7th Ave for quick access.
  • Easy Commutes! The greater Twin Cities has been adding light rail public transportation to more and more suburbs, including Anoka. Close to Anoka's downtown area, residents can hop on the Northstar Commuter Rail and forego the stress and delays of rush hour traffic or costly parking fees in downtown garages. It is also ideal to use for events in the cities -- like baseball games at Target Field or concerts at the Target Center -- among many other cultural activities in downtown Minneapolis.
  • Booming Rental Market! If you're looking to rent, you're not alone -- Anoka boasts a high percentage of renters. In fact, nearly 45% of all home-dwellers are renters. This is good news since there are a variety of options for anyone looking to move to Anoka. There are several rent to own houses, which are an ideal option for anyone. There are new townhomes and apartment complexes, as well as affordable options like Dellwood Estates, Woodland Park and Cutters Grove. Suffice it to say, there's something for everyone in Anoka.