Rent to Own Homes near Minnetonka, MN

  • People Make Good Incomes in Minnetonka! The average household income in Minnetonka is just under $85,500 annually. Therefore, whether you own your own home or reside in a rent to own property, you can enjoy a middle class lifestyle or better. Check out the Hopkins or Glen Lake neighborhoods.

Check out over 300 Minnetonka, MN rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top 10 Reasons to Live in Minnetonka

  • Most People Own their Own Homes! Most of the people who live in the city of Minnetonka own their homes (around 80%). Therefore, people seeking rent to own homes have a good chance of eventually owning their property. Currently, owner-occupied homes stand at just over 106,000. Great places to start your search include Cedar Lake Road and Excelsior Boulevard.
  • The Number of Rent to Own Houses and Rentals are Higher than the State and National Averages! Minnetonka also enjoys affordable rental rates as is evidenced by the number of people living in rent to own houses and apartments. Monthly rents average around $1,000. Renter-occupied homes number around 60,000 in the Hennepin County city while the state average is calculated at around half that amount. Check out rental properties in the City Center.
  • The Average Home Sales Price Has Continued to Climb Steadily! Current data shows that the average home value for selling a home in Minnetonka is $325,000, a price that's made a dramatic leap from the median home price in the early 90s, when the same home sold for under half that amount, or around $150,000. Find your dream home in Minnetonka Hills or Groveland.
  • The Crime Rate is Low in Minnetonka! Statistics also show that residents are, for the most part, safe and secure living in Minnetonka. That means lower rates on one's homeowner's insurance too. Find great rates at Farmer's Insurance on Ridgedale Drive or State Farm on Excelsior Boulevard.
  • Minnetonka is Home to One of the Best Places to Buy a Burger! Home of the Golden Nugget Tavern and Grille, Minnetonka is the place to go to enjoy a burger and beer. Not only does the neighborhood eatery sell the best burgers in town, it also features over 20 beers on tap.
  • Minnetonka Features Miles of Hiking Trails and Plenty of Greenery! Minnetonka boasts parks galore - thereby giving hikers, bikers and walkers lots of paths to see and explore. Main parks in the Minnetonka trail system include Big Willow Park (the smallest, containing 95 acres), Civic Center Park, Meadow Park, Lone Lake Park and Purgatory Park.
  • Skate to Your Heart's Content at the Minnetonka Ice Arena! Families can take part in ice skating activities year-round at Minnetonka's Ice Arena, which features figure skating, hockey, and public skating. Rest your tired muscles at the Spa at the Marsh.
  • Minnetonka Lake is a Bass-Fisherman's Paradise! If you want to find a great place to fish for bass, then you'll like being close to the source at Minnetonka Lake. Just want to hang around for a while? Head to Lake Minnetonka Park at Three Rivers.
  • Discover Some One-of-Kind Treasures at the General Store in Minnetonka! Known for its old-fashioned decor, Minnetonka's General Store is packed with great gift ideas and specialties. It is especially festive during Christmastime. Stop by the store and sample the retailer's famous chocolate chip cookies! The Ridgedale Center offers some premier shopping, too.