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Top 5 Reasons to Live in Rome, NY

  • Located in Upstate New York, Rome is a city that absolutely loves its hockey. The Kennedy Ice Arena is one of the city's most popular spots, and it has played host to at least three hockey teams since its construction was finished in 1964. It's hard to imagine why someone would want to go to an ice skating rink while living in a city where the average low temperature can drop to 12 degrees, but, hey, if it makes sense in Canada...

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  • History comes alive! The citizens of Rome call the area the City of American History, and this is with good cause. Fort Stanwix, also known as the fort that never surrendered, stands as a reminder of America gaining her independence. Food lovers might also enjoy visiting the Museum of Cheese to learn about America's first cheese factory, which was constructed in the city.
  • Affordable real estate prices! The median house value in Rome, even before the massive market recovery, is 67% lower than the median value of New York in general. With Rome's Amtrak station nearby, this means you can live in a community where New York City is accessible without the expensive prices. This is definitely your best way to the Big Apple, since Griffiss International Airport is now only used to test drones!
  • Get a little culture! There are a wealth of opportunities to stay cultured in Rome. A quick trip to the Rome Art and Community Center can expand your horizons. For those who want to avoid walking around looking at art, it's possible to still keep the hipster persona by taking a trip to the Capitol Theatre and sitting back to enjoy a great movie or amazing Broadway-esque show.
  • Home values are increasing! Over the past decade, Rome's home values have gone up 32% in comparison to America's 13%. This could be because the Utica-Rome region was ranked as one of the least stressful places to live in America, or it could be that Rome's violent crime rate has traditionally been a third of the American average. Regardless, those looking to rent, purchase, or rent to own are in a good position. Check out areas near Fort Stanwix, Kennedy Arena, and Stevens Field for nearby shopping and groceries.
  • Awesome eateries everywhere! There's no need to go all the way to New York City to find some of the Empire State's finest eateries. The Savoy Restaurant is consistently ranked highly and serves some of the best Italian food you'll find in New York. Vescio's Franklin Hotel is also a little hidden gem in the city. Regardless of where you end up in Rome, there will always be some amazing cuisine.