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Top 3 Reasons to Live in Avon Lake, OH

  • Avon Lake is a city of just over 22,000 people, and it's very likely that everyone living there knows just how rich the area's history is. The land where the city now stands is one of the few places in America to have been owned by French, English and American colonists. Prior to these claims, the Ottawa, Erie and Wyandot tribes inhabited the area during the 1600s.

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  • Perfect time to invest in real estate! For those looking for an amazing home at a great price, Avon Lake is the place to go. Its home valuations have dropped steeply over the past decade, since area properties were so expensive when the economic recession occurred. Prices are slowly making their rebound, so now is the right time to get one of these great houses before prices return to normal. Just think, regardless of whether your home is right off of Lake Erie or near Sweetbriar Golf & Pro Shop, you'll be less than 10 minutes from more amazing activities.
  • Insane amounts of recreation! The recreational activities in Avon Lake are nearly endless. Those who enjoy just relaxing in nature will love Miller Road Park, Blesser Park or one of the other four community parks that the city operates. If parks aren't your thing, head over to the Ellen Trivanovich Aquatic Center. But if you're just not looking for any physical activity whatsoever, seek out Peter Miller House Museum. Or, get ready for a pleasant day of fishing at the lake by visiting John's Bait and Tackle shop.
  • Desirable homes and community! One great measure of a city is how many people have opted to purchase their homes rather than renting them. In Avon Lake, more than 77 percent of homes are inhabited by people who own rather than rent; this is more than 20 percentage points higher than the national average. This shows that when people get here, they want to stay. This combined with rent prices, though, makes Avon Lake perfect for those who want rent to own houses. The monthly rental price for a one bedroom house or apartment, for instance, is nearly 22 percent lower than the national average. Two bedroom house? Twenty-one percent lower. This means whether you want to live along Lake Road or closer to Interstate 90, you'll have an amazing opportunity to purchase a house with affordable payments.