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  • Does the thought of moving into an innovative city sound good to you? Are you looking for a community that'll allow you to spread your wings? What many people don't know about Cleveland Ohio is that it's a city of firsts. After becoming the first city in the world to use electricity back in the 1800's, Cleveland made history again in 1914 as the home of America's first traffic light. If that isn't convincing enough, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame also happens to be established here.

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  • Housing Statistics The average home sale price in Cleveland is $97,251 while the median home sale price is $59,785. As you can imagine, these prices are very attractive to homeowners with an eye towards settling here. Along those lines, the 2007-2011 American Community Survey's has homeowner vacancy rates at 5.6% in this city. At the same time, however, only 46.3% of housing units are owned while 53.7% of units are rented.
  • Weather and Climate Where the weather is concerned, you'll have to be ready for humidity during the summertime and tons of snow during the winter. Climate Zone has Cleveland's' average temperatures ranging from 24.8F to 71.9F over the course of a year. With a hair less than 56 inches of annual snowfall to go with another 37 inches of rain, you'll have to be ready for anything.
  • School Systems Public Schools
  • Neighborhood Guide Old Brooklyn: Whether you're inquiring into available houses for rent or you're seriously looking into owning property, this is a neighborhood you'll feel comfortable in right away. Dino's Pizza and Pub along with Gus's Family Restaurant will give you a taste of the local cuisine while Memorial Park represents new opportunities for families and joggers alike. There's a good selection of apartments, houses, and rent to own homes here.