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Top 11 Reasons to Live in Elyria

  • The Black River! Elyria is located on the Black River, a 12-mile long tributary of Lake Erie. The river offers a number of recreational opportunities, including fishing at the Black River Nature Reservation and hiking at Cascade Park.

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  • Affordable Housing! The median home value in Elyria for 2013 was a nice $84,900. A few of the most desirable neighborhoods in Elyria are the E. Royalton Rd. and W. River Rd. areas; there are even a few rent to own homes in these communities.
  • A Rebounding Economy! Elyria, like much of the Great Lakes region, was hit hard by the economic down turn of the early 21st century. However, the city's economy is booming today, with new jobs and new businesses coming into town. Some of the area's top employers are Mercy Regional Medical Center and The RidgeTool Company.
  • Lots of Rental Properties! Rental properties, including rent to own houses, make up nearly 25% of the housing stock in Elyria. Neighborhoods with lots of rentals include the Gulf Rd. and Midway Mall areas.
  • The Library System! Elyria is part of the Clev-Net library system, one of the best-rated library systems in the United States. Libraries in the group share books from hundreds of member institutions within northeast Ohio. If you want to borrow a book, you can easily do so at the North Branch Library on Abbe Rd. and the Elyria Public Library (main branch) on Washington Ave.
  • Low Property Taxes! Property taxes in Elyria are lower than the state average. The average Elyria homeowner pays $1,524 in property taxes annually. A few of the Elyria communities with single-unit homes include the Avon/Beldon Rd. and LaPorte areas.
  • Parks, Parks and More Parks! The City of Elyria owns and operates a collection of 13 city parks, including an ice rink and two community centers. The most popular parks include the 135-acre Cascade Park and the 35-acre North Park Sports Complex.
  • The Arts! Elyria is near some of the best cultural institutions in the United States, such as the Cleveland Orchestra, the (free) Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • New Construction! New homes are adding to the diverse array of housing available in Elyria. New home construction projects include Fairfield Estates or the Crossing at Martin's Run. With a 9.86% vacancy rate, it'll be a little easier to find a rent to own property in one of these new developments.
  • Restaurants Galore! Love to eat? Well, so does Elyria! Stop by Midway Oh Boy for the Oh Boy Sandwich, Wolfeys Pub & Bistro for some wine and beer, or Smitty's Place for a classic burger.
  • It's Easy to Get Around! Elyria is located right on I-80/90 and U.S. 2, which makes getting around the region easy. In addition, the Lorain County Transit provides public bus transportation between Elyria and points throughout Lorain County.