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Top 7 Reasons to Live in Maple Heights, Ohio

  • In 1813, a settler from Connecticut named Benjamin Fitch stopped in what is now called Maple Heights and began a community. In 1817, he was joined by John Dunham, who built a road that still exists today in the city. The expansion continued and new progress was made until the city was incorporated in 1932. Today Maple Heights is part of Cuyahoga County and contains about 23,000 residents in its 5.2 square miles of land.

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  • Rich history! The Maple Heights Historical society makes it easy to learn about the history of the city. If you wish to spend some time looking back, they offer a Traveling Museum to residents and visitors. Should you want to go more in depth, they also hold regular Guided City Tours, which will give a more in depth look at the city's development over time. Residents can also enjoy looking at the remnants of the Connotton Valley Railroad.
  • Below-average real estate prices! The housing market in Maple Heights is fairly steady, but the homes for sale tend to stay below the national average. The homes around Maple Street are some of the most affordable in the area, while those to the south on Turney Road tend to be more elaborate.
  • Great rental prices! In addition to finding an affordable house for sale, you can also consider rentals. The average rental unit in Maple Heights is also below the national average and affords great amenities. If you want to make the transition, you can always consider a rent to own option. Both the Bedford Green and Valleyfield Apartments are great options for new residents.
  • Enjoy the small town restaurants! Maple Heights is full of hidden gems when it comes to restaurants. Two popular destinations are the local Reddi's Pizza Parlor and Baraona's Baking Co.
  • Plenty of local sporting activities! Maple Heights is home to a variety of sporting events for the locals to enjoy. This includes the Maple Heights Youth Soccer Program and also the Maple Heights Lions Football program.
  • An active Parks and Recreation Department! The Maple Heights Parks and Recreation Department remains active to ensure a strong sense of community. There are a variety of parks in the city, most containing pavilions, playgrounds, picnic areas, and a variety of other amenities. Two of the most popular are Stafford Park and Dunham Park.
  • Stay in touch with your neighbors! Another feature to keep in mind is how close the immediate community of Maple Heights is. This is demonstrated through the Golden Maple Leaves Newsletter as well as special events held at different locations like the Veteran's Memorial Park.