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  • The rent to own options in Parma, Ohio, may be ideal for people looking for a residential neighborhood with plenty of commercial areas nearby. Parma, named after Parma, Italy, is a city in Northeast Ohio, just south of Cleveland. Parma was largely an agricultural city until WWI, which was when it experiencde growth due to migration into the suburbs. The city is also the largest suburb of Cleveland and the seventh largest city in the state. In 2010, the US Census found that Parma had a population of more than 81,600 people. Finding homes for sale here is easy to do, and finding just the right rental property is possible, especially once you look at the available options.

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  • Housing Statistics Parma's rental home options are numerous, but before purchasing a home for sale here, individuals may wish to consider the overall housing market. The median sale price of homes for sale in Parma during the second quarter of 2013 was $83,000. This is down about two percent from the previous year. About 597 homes sold in the previous year, with 315 of those homes selling in the second quarter of 2013. The average listing price of a home here, as of the second week of August 2013, was $109,099. This is about the same as the price was the previous year. Whether you are after a rental property or a home for sale, it helps to know that the annual residential turnover here is 13 percent and the median years in residence is six.
  • Tourist Attractions As an older suburb, there are a few locations where people like to visit when moving into the area. A good place to start is the Parmatown Mall, which is the largest shopping center in the city. It is also the home of numerous activities, shows and festivals throughout the year. Individuals may wish to visit Stearns Homestead too. This is one of the oldest and still operational farms in the area. Visitors can pet animals while visiting the historic buildings. A visit to Big Creek Reservation, State Road Park or the West Creek Reservation may be in order for anyone planning to explore nature.
  • Local Events and Festivals A few festivals take place here throughout the year. Several of the churches host annual carnivals, including St. Anthony, St. Matthew and St. Francis. With rides, games, and raffles, these tend to be a big draw for locals. The Rib Burn Off occurs on the grounds of Parmatown Mall and is a large BBQ festival. The area is close enough to Cleveland to be a part of the Cuyahoga County Fair, with animals, rides, and plenty of games.
  • Parma Neighborhoods Though Parma is cohesive, without any real breaks in neighborhood regions, there are some components of the community that stand out as independent areas. The following are some of the specific neighborhoods in Parma.