Rent to Own Homes near Glendale, AZ

  • Back in the 1800s, Glendale was located in the middle of nowhere. It was just a town in the desert, and the land was initially considered worthless when it was sold to a New Yorker in exchange for him developing the 40-mile Arizona Canal. Eventually, though, Glendale became a temperance colony that attracted settlers from all around. Today, Glendale is a long way from those desert beginnings. As a major suburb of Phoenix, it's home to 226,000 people and its population has grown by 5.42 percent since 2000. There are a lot of good reasons that so many people are flocking to Glendale and the greater Phoenix area. Anyone who is sick of the long winters in the Northern part of the country is happy to discover that winter is completely non-existent in this area. The economy remained strong even throughout the recession of 2008. Although the rapid job growth that the area experienced in the 1990s and early 2000s did eventually level off, the area hasn't experienced the same devastation of its job market that some parts of the country did.

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Top Reasons to Live in Glendale AZ

  • Housing Statistics The housing market is another major positive factor about Glendale. Like most of the metro Phoenix area, Glendale has a very affordable housing stock. The median home cost is $110,100, significantly cheaper than the national average. A slightly lower percentage of the homes in Glendale are owner-occupied than average, at 51.23 percent. 36.19 percent of the apartments and homes in Glendale are renter occupied. An additional 12.59 percent of the apartments and homes are vacant, which is higher than average. This higher-than-normal proportion of both rented and vacant housing is great news if you're looking for a place to rent because it means that you have a lot more to pick from. Apartment complexes in Glendale span the range from inexpensive and functional to upscale and luxurious. Renting an apartment is a good option if you don't want to have to do a lot of maintenance. But if you want a little more space to stretch out - and to avoid the noise and headache of neighbors above or below you - renting a house may be a great choice. A rent to own house allows you to get established in a community while easing into the costs of ownership.
  • School SystemsOne of the most important factors in choosing where to live is the quality of the local school system, and Glendale has a wide variety of excellent school systems worth considering. In general, the northern part of Glendale has the newest construction and is reputed to be the best part of the city. Some of the school districts you may want to consider include Glendale Union High School District, Glendale Elementary District, Deer Valley Unified District, and Dysart Unified District.
  • Arts & CultureEvery February, Glendale hosts the Glendale Chocolate Festival, and who could resist a delicious outing like that? The city also decorates downtown Glendale with lights every December for the Christmas holiday for the Glendale Glitters celebration. Music fans will also appreciate the annual Glendale Jazz and Blues Festival.
  • Local ShoppingHistoric Downtown Glenadale was named one of the top 10 shopping destinations in the country by USA Today. The mall spans about 10 blocks, is completely walkable, and a beautiful outdoor shopping destination, largely lined with white picket fences.
  • Nightlife Glendale also has a long list of bars and nightclubs. Jus' Country is a dance club that appeals to the many country music fans in the area. Sports fans will find a welcome at Cheers Tavern, and you can enjoy a beer and a meal at a variety of venues like McFadden's Glendale, Coyote Alley and the O2 Lounge.