Rent to Own Homes near Goodyear, AZ

  • When you hear the name Goodyear, the first thought that probably comes to mind is about the tires on your car or the Goodyear Blimp. But in addition to being the name of a tire company, Goodyear is also the name of the city that was originally just 16,000 acres of land purchased for growing cotton for tire tread for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. Goodyear officially became a city in 1986 and has grown rapidly ever since. In fact, its population continues to grow so fast that the town is expected to have more than 350,000 residents by 2035. If you want to live in a rent to own house, a rental apartment, or a house to buy, Goodyear's a great place to look.

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Top Reasons to Live in Goodyear AZ

  • HousingPart of the original appeal of Goodyear was that around the year 2000, this far west suburb of Phoenix had very affordable housing. The median home price for Goodyear during May to July 2013 was $222,765, which was a year-over-year increase of 27 percent. Goodyear's median price is slightly above the national median of $208,000, which reflects the popularity of this growing area.
  • Outdoor ActivitiesEven though temperatures in Goodyear and the rest of the Phoenix area stay above 100 degrees during most of the summer, residents don't hide indoors with the air conditioning. Goodyear residents love outdoor recreation, and the city provides ample opportunities to enjoy it. Local sites for outdoor recreation include the Canyon Trails Recreation Center, Foothills Community Park, the Goodyear Ballpark and a 35-acre community park on Litchfield Road.
  • Transportation and CommutesChances are if you live in Goodyear, you'll want to get into and out of Phoenix a lot. Therefore, most residents have their own cars, which allow them to travel into and out of the bigger city at their convenience. Local carpool programs exist, as well as buses. However, residents say if you want the freedom to get around on your own schedule, you may want to depend on your own set of wheels.
  • NeighborhoodsAlthough Goodyear is a small but growing suburb, there are still a number of distinct neighborhoods, each with a mix of rent to own houses, rental apartments and places to purchase. In general, Goodyear is a very safe town, so none of the neighborhoods are considered bad.