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5 Reasons to Live in Sun City, Arizona

  • Sun City, Arizona, was founded in 1960 and built on the site of the former ghost town of Marinette. Sun City is located in Maricopa County and lies within the Phoenix metropolitan area. It was founded as a retirement community, making it popular with (but not limited to) snowbirds. Its opening weekend saw tenfold the number of visitors expected, drawing a 100,000-strong crowd that resulted in a front cover story for Time magazine. Today, this thriving community boasts a population just under 38,000.

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  • A great sense of history and pride in the past! The Sun Cities Area Historical Society and the Del Webb Sun Cities Museum preserve and present artifacts and records, with thoughtfully created exhibits that tell the history of Sun City over the last 50-plus years. You can also learn about the quarter-century history of its younger sister city, Sun City West.
  • No place does golf quite like Sun City! The Union Hills Golf and Country Club is a semi-private golf club with an 18-hole championship course designed by Greg Nash, and features extensive facilities. Avid golfers can also find the area's original championship course at the Sun City Country Club. With plenty of shade from many large, leafy trees, and expert instruction available, you're guaranteed a great day on the links.
  • Eat your heart out! With Mexican food somewhat milder here than you'll find around Phoenix, you'll be especially happy if you don't like your food super-hot and spicy. Try Nino's Mexican, or head to Dominic's Bistro, a small, family-run Italian eatery. For your daily bread, try the New York West Pastry and Bake Shop on Grand Avenue. You won't go hungry in Sun City!
  • A greater variety of homes to rent than you realize! Powered by a stream of buyers with their minds set on renovation, this constantly evolving community boasts a mix of updated stucco exteriors and original cement-block rent to own homes from the 1960s and 1970s rubbing shoulders with newer developments. The front yards in some cement-block properties recall the '60s, sometimes covered with green-painted gravel. You can also take your pick from ranch-style homes with an area of nearly 3,000 square feet, as well as apartments and two-bedroom houses. Townhouses are also available in areas like N. 111th Ave./W. Sun City Blvd. There are also newer developments, found around the N. 107th Ave./Lake Pleasant Rd. neighborhood, where many homes were built in 2000 or later.
  • A booming real estate market! For the last couple of years, buyers have been snapping up houses for sale at a rate of around seven per day. Strong demand is pushing up prices, from around $100,000 in 2011 to in the region of $130,000. You'll also find prices cheaper than in Sun City West or Sun City Grand, and rental accommodations as well. For smaller homes (up to two bedrooms) in a quiet suburban neighborhood, look at Westbrook Village, where most real estate was built between the 1970s and 1999 and is owner-occupied. A similar area is N. Bolivar Dr./N. 99th Ave., although in both neighborhoods some homes were also built between 1940 and 1969.