Rent to Own Homes near Taylorsville, UT

Top Reasons to Live in Taylorsville

  • Animal Friendly! Taylorsville makes it easy for dogs and their owners to stay active at the dog park at Millrace Park. Those who tend to love larger animals will delight in knowing that this city even offers horse trails at Jordan River trail system.

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  • Affordable homes! The median home price in Taylorsville is $189,000. This is 15% less than the state of Utah and 4.5% less than the national median home value. The City Center neighborhood is on par with that median home value, offering an average of the area's real estate values. True bargains can be found in the very affordable South Redwood Road area.
  • Community gardens! Community gardens have caught on in lots of areas, but in Taylorsville the focus is truly on the community. The Community Gardens are located behind the Heritage Center and residents can rent out an area to tend. Lots of advice and lessons are available alongside the gardening tools, but what is truly impressive is that a section is reserved for donations to the Food Bank.
  • Great golf! Utah celebrates its love of outdoor living, and that active lifestyle is reflective in Taylorsville. Home to two golf courses, Fore Lakes and Meadowbrook, residents have no reason not to hit the greens.
  • Low vacancies! The vacancy rate for Taylorsville is just under 4%, meaning that homes for sale and rent to own homes do not sit empty for long. Especially in demand are homes with easy access to many of the community's outdoor spaces such as the Vista Baseball Complex and the Valley Regional Park which offers everything from horseshoe courts to a pool.
  • Skateboarding! The Taylorsville Skateboarding Park on Redwood Road offers a dedicated space for local skateboard enthusiasts to develop their skills. Once this park has been mastered, check out the nearby WAO Skatepark in Midvale and the indoor Derby Warehouse in Salt Lake.
  • Historical roots! Although Taylorsville was incorporated as its own city in 1996, it is made up of the areas previously known as Taylorsville, Bennion, and parts of Kearn. The Taylorsville Historic Preservation Committee works to protect that rich history through the Taylorsville/Bennion Heritage Center.
  • Beautiful scenery! Bennion Hill creates a ridge running east to west which adds to the beauty of the Utah landscape. The Jordan River forms the eastern edge of the city, offering the chance for water views and the trail system that has been developed nearby.
  • Renter friendly! In some cities rental property can be hard to find, but here approximately 25% of the properties are rental homes or rent to own houses. When considering eventual home ownership, look for areas where home values are expected to appreciate. The neighborhood from Redwood Road to West 5400 South and the neighborhood near Bangerter Highway have especially good appreciation rates.
  • Eclectic eats! The locals in Taylorsville have plenty of options when dining out. Along with traditional American fare, Mexican food, and Chinese, Moki's Hawaiian Grill is one of the local favorites. Their chicken katsu gets rave reviews. Teriyaki Grill adds to the diverse mix of dining choices with their beloved Japanese cuisine.
  • Below average property taxes! Across the country property taxes average out to $1696, while Taylorsville residents tend to pay an average of $1412. Use that savings to enjoy delicious burritos at Freebirds World Burritos or relax with an afternoon of fun at the Gamerz Funk arcade.
  • Rent money goes far! The median rent in Taylorsville is $874, which keeps Taylorsville below average on rents when compared to nearby areas of Salt Lake City. Affordable rents can be enticing for those considering rent to own options. Many neighborhoods have parks which add to the walk-ability of the neighborhood and the quality of outdoor living. Look at homes near Autumn Meadows and Bennion Park.
  • Proximity to Salt Lake! Taylorsville offers easy access to Salt Lake. Salt Lake is home to ski areas such as Solitude, Brighton, and Alta.
  • Theater! The Mystery Theater is an interactive experience where audience participation is encouraged. The Theater may not seem especially spooky from November through the summer, but come October it transforms into locals' favorite haunted house. The Castle of Chaos offers thrills and chills for those who enjoy a spooky good time.